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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Finally, Yuna is here! Easy until the hair...which is annoying. I did not include her 2nd alternate costume because the texture of her skirt is messed up and I can't fix it.


  1. great job aaron, I need to get on it and finish Kains instructions. THAT'S IT I'LL DO IT BY TONIGHT!!
    THis is the second instance that I've come across where the alternate costume's texture is not matching where it should be matching. I'm curious who you are planning to work on next?

  2. Thanks! The skirt texture is not matching because they just placed Yuna's plain skirt on top of her patterned skirt in a different position, so her skirt is hald patterned and half-plain. I'm finishing my Gabranth, and maybe I'll build Ace's Onion Knight. I'm working on Kuja's layout.

  3. oiii
    como vc tá tem como vc me ajudar ?
    pois estou confusa com a saia da yuna summoner, achei ela linda.
    é um belo trabalho.
    gostaria muito de saber como fazela é que eu estou fazendo um cosplay dela ^^ é por isso que eu me encantei .^^

  4. oiii
    you're like me you have to help?
    I'm confused as to leave the summoner Yuna, I found her beautiful.
    is a beautiful work.
    I would love to know how to do this is what I'm doing a cosplay her ^ ^ that's why I enchanted. ^ ^

  5. hey man,Im pretty new to papercraft but I really want to make this. I downloaded the file but I dont have a program to expand the RAR. Also do I need the program to make the sheet or is there just a picture I can print out. Thanks man!

  6. @Anonymous

    I don't know anything about cosplay, only building paper models so I don't think I can help.


    You sure you want to do such a complex model? You should try easier one first. Anyway, you need to download WinRAR to extract the contents, and Pepakura Viewer to view the model data. I've included a PDF that you can open and print out in the rar.

  7. hi there aaron nice piece of paper craft huh im just new with this craft i had only one paper craft here and that was eiko from ff9 planning to build more...keep it up aaron.